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The the footsteps of Sarah Lund...

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Follow our guide (she may be wearing a Farose sweater, yet again she may not!)
to Copenhagen locations from the famous Danish crime series, The Killing.

Sarah Lund, our chief police woman,stands out: she has a "tunnel vision", she is completely dedicated to her job and she is (somehow) able to suppress most of her private feelings.
According to the lead actress, Sofie Gråbøl, she behaves more like a man than a woman.

All the people around her are at one stage or other suspects!

The Killing has become extremely popular in the UK - understandably enough! The story has mythical qualities - it reads like a Greek tragedy of grief and revenge! The only difference is the cold, rainy streets of Copenhagen - the city is evil in this story, dark and sinister!
Why has this series become so popular with the English? Is it because we Danes are a mysterious tribe? Find out on this walk!

Follow us on this tour in Copenhagen to some of the crime locations and get to know more about the background of the series.

Duration of tour: A good one and a half hours. (Close to 2 hours)

The tour can be booked (by groups) through the website. Or you may phone us on +45 27 12 89 51.


Outside Vesterport Station

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How do I get to paticipate in a walk?

Ture annonceret under Planlagte ture, kan man bare møde op til, med mindre andet er angivet under beskrivelsen af turen. Særture gennemføres efter aftale.

Prices - if nothing else is announched

Adults 100,-
Children under the age of 12 Free

The Killing

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